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Items Of Note

Item! Over Graphic Smash way, the second story arc of Bang Barstal by The William G wrapped up. The more I read of this one, the more I like it — it’s got a vibe like Matt Wagner’s MAGE with a Mojo Nixon soundtrack. The art style nicely meshes with the story, and the titular hero has been showing some surprising depths of late. And for a story that promises to make the “post-apocalyptic world better by hitting things”, this story ends on an unexpectedly cheery note. Don’t let any personal, umm, impressions of the creator steer you away from reading this one; you’ve got until next month to catch up with the first two stories before it comes back from hiatus.

Item! The Toronto Man-Mountain is gonna try to break a world record in just a couple of weeks, and you can help! From the voice of T-Rex himself:

On Saturday October 21st (the day after my birthday!), my brother and I will be getting up early and climbing the very tallest building in the world on foot. It is to raise money for the United Way. If you want you can sponsor me here and Victor here if you want but you don’t have to! I am trying to do it in record time because I am tall and have long legs so I am hoping to take the 1776 stairs three at a time.

And for the record, because some have asked, I do not believe that the third panel of today’s comic refers to me. Thank you.

Item! Starting today, the Family McCloud begins Hell Week-And-A-Half. In a couple of hours, Scott does his talk at Princeton, and tomorrow features some class visits and a trip to Manhattan. Saturday is 24 Hour Comics Day, cut short by a flight to Barcelona. Thursday is the return to American shores, followed by a fast drive to Bethesda, Maryland for SPX and Washington, DC for a bookstore signing. Finally, somewhere around the 15th, it’s up to Vermont and the possibility of breath-catching. After this little stretch, the rest of the World Tour should be a cakewalk. If you happen to see this family in the next ten days or so, offer ’em a backrub or something (but don’t be surprised if they politely decline in favor of the sleep of the just).

Gary Tyrrell is William G’s publicist bitch!

Gary your mustachio is one of the best I’ve ever seen! I would in fact call it a SMART mustachio.

Toronto Man-Mountain is the best nickname of all time. End of story.

Gary has taken the concept of the moustachio and done it right, which is to say he is 110% committed to the idea of posessing a moustachio!

Moustachio moustachio moustachio. Man, that’s fun to type.

Is that anything like a smart missile? It’s be pretty rad to have a heat-seeking moustachio.

Smart moustachios (moustachioi) were specifically prohibited in the United States following the Appomattox surrender (the end of the golden-age of men’s facial hair). It’s one of those great “what if” moments in American history. (Along with: “what if General Ambrose E. Burnside wore a top-knot or had really long nose hair?”)

also I just noticed, thanks for fixing my spelling Gary!

That was nice of you to say, Gary. Thank you very much.

Don’t worry, Billy. We all know he wasn’t aiming at you.

[…] Bang Barstal is back from hiatus; as noted about 10 weeks ago, creator The William G (not just any William G, but The William G!) has decided to deliver the story to us in chunks; for such a plot-driven strip, the 12-pages-at-once model works nicely. This means that you get a full half of a story arc, all in one big heapin’ helpin’. […]

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