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Got an interesting email ‘tother day from a gentleman named SuiZ. Allow me to quote:

I quit. Some time ago I found out I had little time to do comics along everything else I already do.

Recently I’ve been thinking about jumping back into the bandwagon with what was my flagship comic at the time, The Fermento Show.

Should I? Is there potential there? I’ve never had a stranger comment on my comic … thought I’d give it a shot.

The reason this one caught my eye is that my brain was still rolling around some of the recent discussion about what you can expect from a webcomic. The thought I had was you do a comic for the reasons you want to; if it’s a chore that you don’t enjoy (and don’t have time for), don’t do it. If you like creating it, and a half-dozen of your friends bug you when it doesn’t update, I’d say that’s more significant than the opinion of a stranger. If what you want is to appeal to the broadest possible audience, then my opinion alone isn’t as valid as those of lots of people.

But for what it’s worth, I think there’s always room for another webcomic. The Fermento Show is yet another two-slacker-guys offering (which accounts for approximately 83.353% of all webcomics), albeit one that is aware of the pitfalls of being yet another two-slacker-guys webcomic. And if you’re going to be self-aware about your comic, there’s something to be said about following up on the cliche suggestions for transforming the strip to gamerthemed.

Plus, if you don’t achieve success for ironically subverting the forms of an overused trope, you can always invoke webcomics movers/shakers in an ironically shameless attempt to gather eyeballs. Or, as others have done, reboot and make it a bit more story-oriented.

But keep in mind that I’m biased — the art of TFS reminds me of the old Bandwidth Theater shorts, and I’m a guy who can quote from Kevin Smith and His Magic Feather or The Adventures of Evil Overmom at length. Anything that makes me think of Fillll-thy Gophers!! or a depleted-uranium beholder statue is always going to have potential in my book.

So the real question is, SuiZ, do you think it has potential? ‘Cause from where I’m sitting, yours is the only opinion that matters.

Hey, SUIZ!

You are not commenting about the site at all… just about the fact that Suiz wasnt getting any comments. Saying it has “potential” is too broad…


Actually, I have no idea whether or not SuiZ is not getting any comments, so I certainly didn’t state that as a fact. You’ll also notice that it doesn’t say “Review” next to “Gary” up there above the picture of the fries.

But ultimately, this piece isn’t about Suiz’s webcomic, it’s about what makes it worthwhile to create one. Making my opinion the sole validator of the comic’s worth gives me a power over the act of creation that is far too broad.



Thanks for using my email and comic as an example. It may appeal to a broader topic (“Reasons for Creating”, ne c’est pas?) but it also had some kind of repercussion on a more personal level for me.

I do feel I should explain why I felt the need to somewhat buff you with the power to either praise or strike down a comic. Basically I believe people who don’t need to be careful on wether or not they hurt one’s feelings are more believable. To me.

Not to say that the people who’ve actually commented on TFS are all liars…I just have trust issues…and they’re all close to me in some way so…

(Hey comes with the territory. Sodding emo cartoonists).

…or at least that was my reasoning…

But thanks again for the comments.

Hey DJ! Miss me did ya?

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Fair enough; I can see the value of an outside opinion, although I still think you give me too much credit.

I like the strips that you’ve done since the reboot much more than those before. Previously, TFS was just another two-slacker-guys strip; now with the addition of Lex, and the emphasis on an ongoing story, it’s more interesting.

I particularly think you’ve got some potential with the character of Karma — there’s room for some interesting stories there. I also think that the characters are starting to develop more distinct personalities, and the art has improved.

You’ve only got about 20 strips in the current incarnation, but I think you’ve got a decent basis there. If you have fun with it, I think doing the strip would be a worthy endeavour.

You think our compliments were to shield your fragile ego? Come on Suiz, you know better than that; I’m never unnecessarily nice to people unless it gets me food or sex, and you weren’t good for either. Heck, I might have enjoyed stepping on your dreams if it weren’t for you actually being pretty decent at comicry.

Good choice on the links, Gary; #13 is still my favorite TFS strip, even though the new season was better overall.

You always were a master of ‘character development’, Suiz. Now stop being so bloody emo and get back to doing comics; Nuclear Powered Toaster is lonely without its sister strip roaming the Internet.

I apply my thoughts on creating webcomics the same way I apply the comments I get working for a newspaper. Frankly, I don’t expect a single comment. If I’m still working for the paper, then I’ve done my job.
On my webcomics, if people are still reading what I’ve created, then I need to create more for them. When I get fanmail or comments, it’s a pleasant bonus.

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