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Insert Raymond Scott’s Powerhouse Here

So your average webcomicker knows a little something about gettin’ the work out to the eyeballs; this necessarily involves a certain level of self-promotion. Some are good at it, some not so much. Some are lightning rods for controversy, and some toil away quietly, delivering the product every damn day without fail.

Enter Brad Guigar. As of today, he’s done 2000 strips for the web, counting the old Greystone Inn and the new Evil, Inc. Guigar knows how to organize things, knows how to draw attention to worthy causes.

And in a world full of hiatuses (hiati?) and late comics, he knows how to draw, whether he feels like it or not (although I have a feeling that he mostly feels like it), cranking along in silent satisfaction that he’s doing his best work each and every day. A toast then, to one of the unstoppable machines of webcomics.

We need to clone that motherfucker.

You first, D.J.

Because nobody, but nobody could do clone-war webcomics drama BloodFest 2010 like the two of you.


Congrats to The Guigar!

I hit 2,000 strips on August 20, 2004. Nobody noticed. Not even me! OBSCURITY FOREVER.

(May 17, 2007: SUPEROSITY #3,000. Be there or be like everybody else!)


Fixed. Fleen regrets the error.

Long may Evil Inc. continue to subvert and corrupt the youth of America!

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