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I Want A Hoover That Obeys My Commands

Damn, I want a rechargeable dog. I guess the next best thing will be living out all my electronic dog dreams through Hoover the Rechargeable Dog by John Mahood. He emailed us through our nifty contact address and presto!-he gets a review.

I read all of the August archive and sifted through the September back log to get a feel for his style and sense of humor. He draws a newspaper-style comic which is black and white, but also has color-rendered Sunday editions as well. The comic is about a boy named Skip who receives a robot dog for what I believe to be his birthday. He eventually names him Hoover, for the obvious robot-dog reasons.

The comic chronicles the mishaps and mini-adventures one would have with a super-awesome robot dog. The humor is cute, as is the artwork. The characters are memorable and adorable to boot. You can check out this foray into cuteness here. I like real dogs, but Hoover the Rechargeable Dog gives them a run for their delicious milk-bone money.  

Allison thanks for checking out Hoover and thanks for the great review!

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