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Two Liners Are Twice As Much Work

For a comic that only has 22 strips under it’s belt, One Liners is really rather funny. Another shocking… shock is that the art is also extremely competent right from the get go. I particularily like the character design. Our antihero is dressed all in black, mask included, with a white brimmed hat. For no reason. No reason other than it looks really cool. Although the supporting cast aren’t dressed like demented super heroes, they are all well formed enough to be memorable in their own right too, even if two of them are called Ashton.

I appreciate that the humour in this strip isn’t going to be for everyone. This strip is brimming with sexual passive aggression, as well as the regular kind. Unusually, it’s just enough to be edgy as well as funny, but not too much as to be over the top and cringe-worthy.

I don’t think I’ve ever recommended a comic to anyone that has less than 50 strips, but this is the exception. If you’re looking for a new comic to read but you don’t want to traul through a few years of archives, One Liners is the one for you.

Unless, of course, it’s not.

“Another shocking… shock is that the art is also extremely competent right from the get go”

That’s because the guy who draws it is not an amateur.

Editor’s note: links fixed.

Wow. When I submitted news of my contest, I was not expecting to receive such a positive review.

I am incredibly surprised and grateful to have been honoured such, and it pains me to criticize such a positive review of my work, but I do have to point some things out.

First, as long as we’re talking about One-liners, I feel the aforementioned contest was worth mentioning. I don’t mean to tell you how to run your site, just mentioning it in case you meant to mention it, but forgot.

Second, as of this moment, we only have twenty strips under our belt.

Third, there is a reason for my character design, it’s symbolic. Of what, I’ll leave to everyone’s imagination. (Although what you said works fine for me. Thanks for the compliment.)

And yes, Maritza is right, -U! is no amateur. He is an experienced, professional artist, and I am lucky to be able to collaborate with him. In fact Maritza, I understand you two are good friends.

Thanks again for the review.

Shit. After commenting, I realized that this site uses HTML instead of BBCode. My apologies.

1) Sorry for not mentioning the contest. It was actually the reason I surfed over to the site in the first place, but I got distracted by the awesome comic.
2) Sorry for not specifically mentioning or linking U! directly.
3) Sorry for our site not accepting your BBCode.

Keep up the good work!

It’s alright. My reason for holding a contest was to promote the comic, and I consider getting such a positive review (Especially since there’s only twenty strips on the site.) a great achievement.

Hopefully -U! feels the same, even if Mrs. Campos and I are the only ones that notice him.

Anyway, I hope you don’t think I was being hard on you, that wasn’t my intention.

Thanks yet again for the review.

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