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Goodbye, And Fare Well

Some days, it’s easy to figure out what you’re going to write about. I noticed a bit of bad news over the weekend, catching up on my trawls (and then several of you emailed me about it, as well). Since the Spring, we at Fleen have been big fans of The Kea’s Nest, which is sadly shutting its metaphorical doors. We first became aware of The Kea back in April, when he considered going for one of the open writer slots here at Fleen, but he decided that daily was more than he wanted to write.

So he started his own webcomics blog, and it kicked ass. As the author of more than one lackluster piece of writing, I can’t express how tough it is to bring that level of wordcrafting to fruition every single time. But even the greatest gift of expression takes time to shape properly, leading The Kea to tell us:

But the internet is encroaching on my real life in bad ways. My wife isn’t part of the web and a wedge is growing between us. So I won’t be coming back to The Kea’s Nest unfortunately.

To which I say: Good choice! There’s things that are really important in life, and then there’s blogging about webcomics. I loved reading your stuff, TK, and I’m going to miss it, especially with the decline in webcomics commentary that’s going on these days. Lots of writers have found that Life interferes with what we’d rather be doing — Eric‘s run ragged by his job; Joe‘s got other stuff on his plate for the immediate future; I’d be on hiatus myself right now (because I’m in a class that’s consuming most of my free hours) if not for my wife generously stepping up to do stuff that I should be doing around our home. (Aside: if you like reading my stuff, drop her a little note of thanks in the comments … except for you, Ryan North! Stay the hell away from my wife!).

But the things we love aren’t as important as the people we love, and you’re making the right choice for you and your family. We’re going to keep you on the blogroll over there to the right for as long as the pages return, because even as a too-small archive there’s some great writing there. And if you ever get the urge to do an occasional piece about webcomickry that won’t put a strain on the other parts of your life, there will be space for you here.

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