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Speaking Of Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

I literally had tears in my eyes after reading yesterday’s Dr. McNinja. It’s not even so much the thought of an enraged Benjamin Franklin driving a speeding Honda Accord over two ninjas while flipping them off; it’s the text that appeared when placing the mouse over the image. Allow me to quote:

You don’t grow up thinking one day you’ll draw a picture that has both a pissed off gorilla AND a pissed off Ben Franklin on it. Not to mention a dinosaur coughing up a hot dog.

In my personal webcomics quote file, that one goes right next to Stop salting ham! And I, for one, am very glad that although he didn’t grow up thinking it, Chris Hastings did draw such a picture, and that Kent Archer inked it, and that I get to see it. Good job, guys.

Hey, thanks!

[…] Allison I see that Gary has split his side over today’s Dr. McNinja strip. I must say, I was a little envious of him, laughing till he cried and what-not. That is until I read today’s Dinosaur Comic. I tried not to laugh, I strived to keep my mouth shut….especially since I was in the middle of Biology class. But you can’t draw a comic involving sexy dinosaur facial-hair without bursting into a case of the giggles. And then comes the giggle loop, but that’s a different story. […]

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