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Workin’ On The Road, Gettin’ Hassled By The Man

Between travelling all over the northeastern tier of the continent and getting yelled at by Customs (man, that takes me back), and laptop troubles, it’s pretty impressive to note that Winterview #1 has been posted.

“Winterviews”, for those of you just joining in, are a series of video interviews being conducted by Winter McCloud and edited by her sister Sky, as they meet people on the year-long book-promotion death march jaunt known as the Making Comics 50 State Tour. Less than three weeks in, working in hotel rooms at the back seat of a minivan, producing a series of videocasts with subjects like Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman? Did I mention that Winter and Sky are 11 and 13, respectively? Or that Sky is presenting at places like MIT about the tour?

To my jaded eye, Scott can be even prouder of his daughters than of Making Comics. And if anybody knows Customs agents on the Niagara crossing, find the guy that yelled at Scott and let him know that he’s a jerk.

Next up for Clan McCloud: Chapter 5½ hits soon, and talks in Princeton, Barcelona (not open to the public), SPX, and DC. Fleen invites reports from the field from any who are able to attend these goings-on.

I’ll be at both SPX and Politics and Prose. Both right by my place, actually for all who are in the area.

So who’s standing up for the CBLDF at SPX?

As a former “Homeschooler” myself, (1st through 12th grade!) I am just thinking about how much of this trip is probably awesome educational type stuff for the s. Heck, the interviews and presenting type stuff is a perfect example!

(Yes, that was an adaptation of the “Heck System”).

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