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Guests of Honour

There is an unexpected treat to be found in the White Ninja guest week. Guest weeks are usually a fun distraction, but this week at Whitey has been solid gold. I for one, have been looking forward to a Dr McNinja/White Ninja cross over for quite some time. Seeing the more realistically drawn art with the same surreal humour gives the Dr McNinja strip a real edge.

Steven Cloud‘s effort may not be as laugh-out-loud funny, but seeing his striking style in black and white makes me wish that he would employ it more in BOASAS, where he feels more at home with the comedic style.

Sam Logan‘s strip started off the guest week, and I would love to get in to some detailed analysis of his strip. The thing is, there just isn’t any point. All you have to do is look at the fifth panel  and see how Sam has taken the White Ninja humour and given it his unique spin.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

White Ninja just lends itself to guest strips like no other.

Now I am just waiting for a write-up in Mr. Logan’s own strip!

Actually, I did find Steven Cloud’s strip to be laugh-out-loud funny.

Yeah, Gary, but everyone knows you’re a Dumbrella lackey.

Of course, I laughed at it, too.

Lackeys get paid better than I do.

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