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What’s That Web Comic Doing In My Newspaper?

There has been much talk of web comics in new forums recently. Let’s do a bullet-point, because everyone likes their news delivered dangerously.

  • New York Times finally realized that web comics will own your soul if you don’t pay them their dues. It’s actually a great article on the purchase of and how Platinum Studios will take over all media as we know it.
  • Of couse we all know that R.Stevens is making that mystical leap from web comic to print form thanks to United Feature Syndicate.
  • D.J. Coffman pointed out that the new NBC show, Heroes, has it’s own form of web comics to help promote the show. It’s great that other forms of entertainment are seeing the benefit of marketing through online comics.

Other such things have gone on, but Gary beat me to the journalistic punch. If you know of any events that push web comics as a kick-ass medium for artwork, let us know. That’s what that whole “contact us” thingy is for. That and hawking your own web comics, which we love.

I swear, if there was as much discussion about actual webcomics themselves as there is about how they are published, where they are published, when they are published, who they are published by and what those publishers happen to be saying, thinking or wearing while they are publishing them…

(In the New York Times article and other media coverage, I mean.)

I used the “contact us” button for the NY Times article.

I feel proud and good about myself.

On a more relevant note, it is odd that the article didn’t even briefly describe the comics already on DrunkDuck. It was all about Rosenburg’s vision, and nothing about what made DrunkDuck in particular worth buying. Oh well, at least it used the word “Webcomics correctly!

I would imagine Drunk Duck was worth buying because it was the best option they had. I mean, I seriously doubt Chris Crosby or Joey Manley would be willing to sell their sites.

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