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Busy Weekend

Where to start, where to start? How about …

Item! Webcomics Merch Sighting! VH1‘s Best Week Ever continues the love of Dumbrellawear with a Hooray for Diversity t-shirt. In celebration of the fact that Goats has now followed the trail blazed by Overcompensating, the HfD shirt is on sale today only. If you ever wanted a shirt based on the ruminations of a corn lesbian, hop to it.

Item! Speaking of Overcompensating, Jeff Rowland got hit with a pretty nasty DDOS attack; things are now back up due in no small measure to Dumbrella Hosting principal (and Fleen publisher) Phillip Karlsson. You can get the whole story from Rowland at his Livejournal. With the Karlsson-engineered shift away from to, there’s every possibility that all bookmarks and links to Rowland’s strips (including those on Fleen) are now bad. Let us know if you find any.

Item! Brad Guigar reports that the Paul Taylor fundraiser is now up over $3000; good job, and keep up the good work.

Item! Honorary Fleen Field Reporter Scott Marshall writes:

My girlfriend and I attended the Halifax edition of the Word on the Street festival yesterday and met a bunch of great cartoonists, including Hope Larson, Joey Comeau, and Ryan North. I have a blog entry about it here.

Thanks for the field report, Scott; if you want to be an Honorary Fleen Field Reporter, just let us know what you encounter out there in the world o’ webcomics.

Item! Speaking of Hope Larson, Journalista points us to Heidi MacDonald who points us to Larson’s Livejournal that Diamond Distributors have decided to carry House of Sugar after all. Hooray for overturned bad decisions!

And from the hipster capital of the world, Item! Gary Kohler informs us that Married To The Sea got mentioned in New York magazine’s Approval Matrix. Check it out in the lower-right corner here.

All the old OC links will probably still work until midnight on Dec 10, 2010.

[…] Other such things have gone on, but Gary beat me to the journalistic punch. If you know of any events that push web comics as a kick-ass medium for artwork, let us know. That’s what that whole “contact us” thingy is for. That and hawking your own web comics, which we love. […]

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