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The Answer

Two weeks ago, I asked the Internet at large whether or not Mac Hall was dead. Today, I got my answer.

Let me state this so that it is absolutely clear; I am sad that Mac Hall is ending. Over the past while, It’s been easy to bitch about the lack of updates or story arcs but at the end of the day if something isn’t working any more, it’s best to just call it a day. This does not mean that all is lost, however. As Ian says:

Assuming all goes well, in October Matt and I will switch to the next phase of the comic and the site will have recieved some fresh code love. (I hope.) We’ll ride with that for a while, and if it works. Kick ass. If not, well, I’m sure we’ll figure something out. This is not ment as doom and gloom but just a simple road sign for things to come.

Again, change is on route. I hope you find it pleasant on your pallet. 

Good bye Ian, Matt, JM, Drew, Micah and Helen. You will be missed.

When I was a child… I caught a fleeting glimpse… a distant ship’s smoke on the horizon…

Oh, sorry. Flashbacks. Never mind. Too much LDS in the sixties.

Latter-Day Saints?

I was really surprised when Matt IMed me. I thought it was a play on the Applegeeks reboot. I thought it was a play!

I’m not always being sarcastic.

I think I finally found the buttsex one!

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