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Amazonian Hair? Check. Five Star Gun Show? Check. Big Bazongas? Check.

So small Erin Winters was in a good mood, and then she drank the wrong digestion tonic in Shelley’s room, and now she’s enormous. But wait! Erin was worried that The Boy likes Esther because she’s blossomed, and now she’s got the aforementioned hair, gun show, and bazongas. John Allison, reaching his 1000th Scary Go Round strip, has left us with one hell of a cliffhanger; were it only until Monday before we saw more it would be a cruel wait, but he’s promised us:

In the tradition that you have come to expect – nay, DEMAND, I am setting up a cliffhanger that won’t be resolved for months. Sorry.

Cheeky devil. Worse, over much drink last night at The Pub, Allison dropped no hints whatsoever of what he was planning to do to us. Discreet cheeky devil. Still and all, having produced comics on the web for fully a third of his lifetime, Allison knows that we’ll wait on tenterhooks for the cliffhanger to resolve, because between these stories and forbidden t-shirts, we’re all his bitch.

In other news, Jeff Lowrey, formerly of this page, pointed us towards an exploration of Mystery In Comics. I’m intrigued, and as I mentioned yesterday, I’m curious as to whether or not there are similar legends that lend an air of mystery and myth to webcomics. So if you’ve heard a scurrilous rumor that’s been around long enough and spread wide enough to have elevated itself to the realm of Webcomics Urban Legend, toss ’em to me, and I’ll try to track down the real scoop. Could be disastrous interesting. Very, very interesting..

Hey, thanks for linking. I wasn’t expecting a Very Special Double-Length Episode and had not read all the way to the end during my regularly-scheduled morning trawl. (Though I had of course said to myself, “There’s something I ought to remember about the pink bottle, innnere?”)

Cliffhangers that won’t be resolved for months? Try years.

Rachel’s nose was retconned in one of the books. I think Skellington or HMH&F.

Also, I have heard a rumor that Kristopher Straub is mortal enemies with cheese.

No, Rachel keeps the Devil Nose. Tessa just hides it under a burka while the two of them flee Tackleford for parts unknown. And while William(the library boy who likes Tessa) bids them farewell, Rachel’s eyes start to glow red. Shortly after that, Will is abducted by what appear to be long, gray arms.

Really, that whole additional scene in the printed compilation raises more questions than it answers.

Cliffhangers that won’t be resolved for years? TRY RETURN TO SENDER AMIRIGHT

Also, ExoSquad. But I digress.

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