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You Guys Like News Updates, I Guess

On account a’ you’ve been sending a lot of items to us for announcin’. Very well, then, let’s get to it.

Item! David Malki ! reminds us of the seven-way signing tomorrow at Meltdown Comics; any of you Angelenos near Hollywood should check it out if you like people named Cham, Ganter, Kellett, Kibiushi, Malki !, Straub, or Troop. And hell, if you don’t like at least one of them, why are you even here?

Item! With Talk Like A Pirate Day now firmly in the past for another year, you can now catch up on the past several days of pirate-themed comics at Savage Chickens. Thanks to Janet for the info.

Item! Gabe Strine has released Bodinki’s Blog, a printed collection of his popular online journal comic strip. Pick ‘er up at Lulu for $12.95, and you’ll even get some new strips.

That’ll take care of us for now; come back tomorrow when we delve into the darkest depths of Webcomics Mystery.

Not! enough! exclamation! points! in! the! news! blurb! about! David! Malki! !!

I’m in the “Likes news updates” camp as well.

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