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Speaking Of Round Numbers

Congratulations to Steven Cloud for hitting strip number 700 over at Boy On A Stick And Slither. If you like the strip, check out the BOASAS hankies (they have really excellent embroidery, and Slither has done a fine job cleaning my glasses).

The auction I mentioned yesterday to benefit Paul Taylor is larger than I reported. There’s lots of stuff up for grabs to help defray the costs of caring for Taylor’s newborn son, so go check it out. If you’re ever in serious difficulties in life, I suggest you become a webcartoonist and join Blank Label, ’cause they take care of their own.

New review of A History of Webcomics coming soon from Digital Strips. Despite a desire to make us his arch nemesis (nemeses?), we at Fleen would like to assure The Midnight Cartooner that we did not kill his father. He was totally like that when we found him.

And showing us all that he belongs on the comics page (have you written your letter yet?) just as much as Lynn Johnston, Rich Stevens brings the blink to today’s Diesel Sweeties. Homage? Or blatant attack on a sweet Canadian lady? You be the judge.

[…] And finally, after much hard work and a few long nights on my part, we have it. Our first feud, and it’s with our fellow webcomic-bloggers over at The barbs are constantly being exchanged, the words are just starting to fly wantonly (comment #3), and it can only be a matter of time before the opening shot in this massive, bloody war of sarcasm and wit is fired. So keep checking back here and at Fleen to get the latest, up-to-the-minute war updates, as they occur! Now why, you’re probably asking yourself, would I send you to their website if we’re engaged in such a furious battle for supremacy of the webcomic news/blogging world? Because it’s just make-believe! Really, what’s there to be supreme about? Too many creators (and fans, don’t worry, you’re in this, too) are set on knocking each other down when we’re still in the middle of the building period, where it could still all end tomorrow if we’re not careful. Help, not hinder. I’ve started this feud in the hopes of broadening the community we (and more specificly, I) belong to. After all, it seems to be the quickest way to get noticed. So have THAT Fleeners! *pssst!* It’s your turn. […]

[…] fresh Moleskines, just ordered up the new Little Dee book, and what’s this? Stirrings from my occasionally mortal enemies at Digital Strips? Digital Strips has just launched a new webcomic where we will be […]

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