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Not What I Planned On Writing About

I was planning on writing something prolific and mesmerizing today. But between my brother’s emergency eye-surgery and two tests tomorrow in school, I haven’t had any time to sit down and write. So, I will mention a comic that cheered me up today, in between visiting my brother and cramming for exams. T-Rex and his pondering of the female form always gives me a smile, even when my brother is sporting a hard-helmet version of the eye patch.

By the way, I have surfed internet porn to win a bet. I told you, Tristan, that people will do anything to donkeys. I win!

Aww, glad I could help, Allison!

Somebody made a bet about internet porn and donkeys?

Who are these sheltered people, and where can I find them?

I mean… I could maybe understand making a bet about internet porn and stereo headphones or difference engines, but donkeys?

That’s like betting that George W. hasn’t lied while in office.

Is it wrong that I assumed donkeys would be a link?

Yes, it would be wrong. Very, very wrong. Allison, you should add some links so we can berate Robert for being so wrong.

I once searched for yoda porn, to prove none existed. I was unable to find anyway. Well… there is a jokey one where yoda is with a sheep, but I don’t count it….

Lesson #6 On the Internet:

No matter how silly and/or horrifying it might sound, someone, somewhere, has created a site about it. ?

quote: “There needs to be a new word for pornography that is intentionally devoid of any erotic usefulness. The kind of stuff clearly made on a dare. The smut that exists for the sake of existing, not because anyone ever demanded it.”

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