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Pirate + Alien= Zany Adventures

In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” I’ve decided to review Pirate and Alien by Tyson Smith. I’ve known about this comic for a while, but have been waiting so it could build up a hearty archive of comics. Also, Gary has done a review of Pirate and Alien as well, but that was back in February so I thought a refresher course would be appropriate for today.

What stands out the most with this comic is the artwork. It utilizes a direct-compliment color scheme of blues and oranges, with the shading done in light grays. This color scheme results in an easy to read, enjoyable comic to gaze upon. Talented artists always amaze me because I can’t draw a stick figure if you gave me a ruler and told me to trace from another image of a stick figure. It would just end with a broken ruler and shattered dreams.

The two stars of the strip are, of course, Pirate and Alien. The two don’t have actual names; they simply go by what they are. Alien is an Interstellar Zoologist who desires to travel the universe searching for new life. Pirate is a scoundrel who is kicked off his ship, ala mutiny style. The two don’t start off knowing each other, but through a series of events they run into each other. The two are stuck together attempting to navigate through the suburbs of earth, not knowing what to expect.

I enjoy this comic for numerous reasons including the artwork and the fun characters. It is a campy; enjoyable read that I would love to see in newspapers. Because it’s about damn time that web comics get their say in the elusive, mystical, world of print.

It is funny that you talk about building up the archives before reviewing it, yet you only link to comics from the first 26.

Happy Pirates Day to you too

I know, I’m hilarious.

PandA is an excellent link to check periodically. As you say, it’s refreshing to enjoy something different instead of the samo, samo found in the paper, which I don’t read anymore for that very reason.

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