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Paul Southworth Is Disturbed For Your Amusement So Get With The Program And Be Amused, Dammit

So in case you hadn’t noticed, Paul Southworth’s Ugly Hill is back from a month-long hiatus to work on various projects and deal with some personal issues. One of those projects was a site redesign, making Ugly Hill look like a cheesy, semi-professionally designed site for Anytown, USA. Ah, satire, your name is monsters.

Another one of those projects was shown to us the week of 4 September, featuring both pencils, and finished art for a twisted, unnamed snippet of squirrel-murder. I got curious, so I asked Southworth what the deal was.

Turns out, it’s called “Petwood”, and you could best describe it as a combo-platter of Heathcliff and Pet Sematary; ironically, neither of those things is very good, but Petwood struck me as funny and intriguing. I want to read more of it. Here’s Southworth:

It’s about these three dead pets: Blank, Blue, and Slog … we follow the adventures of these three undead pets around their neighborhood, interacting with other local live animals and trying to figure out why they became zombies in the first place.

It was conceived as a pitch to Image comics, but certain events in my life have kind of put it on the back burner again. I hope to return to it soon, because I think it’s a pretty good idea that I’d really like to do something with. Here’s a preliminary sketch of the cat character, Blue, who wasn’t seen in the first few pages.

He starts off as a normal cat in the story, but gets half his head bitten off by the goldfish and becomes a zombie. Also, the goldfish is mute and is so fat that he has to get pulled around in a little red wagon, and the main villian is a voodoo parrot. I hope to finish the pitch soon and send it off to Image (or whomever will publish it).

Given that Image should already be familiar with the quality of Southworth’s work via the Tales By Tavernlight backup stories in the print version of PvP, they dang well oughta take a chance on Petwood. And if they do, be sure to buy it, ’cause it looks hi-larious.

Editor’s note: The new PvP site doesn’t have the TBT strips that Southworth worked on yet; Scott Kurtz has kindly offered to make ’em available as soon as he’s over the nasty bug he’s fighting, so come back here in a couple of days to see some full-size Southworth goodness.

I’m looking forward to reading TBT. All of Paul’s works have been amazing, art and humor-wise.

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