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I Almost Slapped Someone-It’s That Good

I’m so pissed at myself. Why you ask? Because I just now read Hockey Zombie, and it’s fucking amazing. I feel like Arsenio Hall when he found out how damn good the cheese was.

I’ve seen banners for this web comic on various sites, but never looked into it. But that all changed the other day, when I decided to see what all the hulabaloo was about. All I can say is thank the ultimate maker (who is George Lucas of course) that I clicked on that banner.

I sat at a coffee house and literally read half of the archives till I was forced to go to my slave-labor of a job. And you know what? This comic made me laugh out loud consistantly throughout my perusal of the archives. People were staring at me like I was on some kind of green, leafy, miraculous substance. And maybe I was; the green, leafy, miraculous substance of Hockey Zombie.

The artwork is crisp, bright, and fun to look at. Chris Van Gompel truly utilizes the use of color and and various frames to bring the storyline to life. And have I mentioned this comic is fucking hilarious? When you combine a D.D.R. loving God, a wise-cracking Satan, and a patent pending Sex Box together in a comic you are bound for comedy gold.

The storyline alone kept me reading. Basically Chris played hockey, drank beer, and went to strip clubs. Then he was killed by Super Wang the stripper. He ends up in hell were he strikes up a deal with a certain gentleman to get back to earth. And from there the hijinks ensue. Trust me, the hijinks ensue to unearthly bounds.

I’m not sure what else to say about this comic, except that it’s a lot of fun and I’m ending this review right now so I can go finish the archives.

I dont like that webcomic, the art its lazy hasnt improved a lot, its not clever or imaginative.

Oh, man. I don’t know how many sins I committed just reading that thing, but that is hilarious. By the time I got to the poker game, I lost it totally and laughed spit right onto my monitor.



You know, from both the description of the comic, and from actually reading it, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it.

Despite this, there are some really funny moments in there. I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is anything resembling story, but some of the repeated jokes (heads popping like balloons, {eat his brain}, etc) were a nice touch.

All the cool kids now it from when it was Car vs. Motorcycle.

Don’t like the art, Nadimsucko? Chris updates that comic almost daily, and in color! All while producing guests strips now and then; how many cartoonists can do that?

let me see Scary go round, shortpacked,pvp,imjapanese,badguyhight (at least the summer),sinfest,44 union avenue just to name a few webcomics, all the mangas 18 pages per week, the rest at least 22 pages a month.

dude… the, uh, artwork… the lines are really fuzzy. Other than that it’s okay, but that linework is fuzzy.

I’ve been following Crun’s work since sometime into Car vs. Motorcycle. Somithng about the humor charms me. And the story is just enough there and just enough silly that it works with that charm.

This is one of my faves out there. It might not be as “pretty” as some comics and maybe he doesn’t update as much as some Manga-shit comic, but it’s fun to read.

I only have two comics that I visit on a daily basis: Hockey Zombie and Penny Arcade.

It’s just that good.

Yes… the artwork is very very fuzzy. However, the artwork from the early strips takes a drastic turn when the artist discovers flash.

It seems pretty funny so far, although some of the jokes are a little too broad for me, and I hate to sound prudish, but do they REALLY need to swear so much? Sure, I swear as much as anyone, but these guys use it as punctuation, which can sometimes ruin a joke.

But I DO love Satan exploding people’s heads…..

If you liked this, Ally-baby, you should give Rogue Robot a try.

Hockey Zombie freaking rules. And Crun is an awesome guy.

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