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Das Freshmacher

So I was walking to work in the rain this morning, the sort of rain that you only get in New York City. Rain that’s so fine and insubstantial that it doesn’t have the good grace to fall towards the ground, but instead gets lofted by the slightest of breezes and deposits more on the insides of your glasses than the outside. But in one of those turns of fortune you only see in popular entertainments, I turned onto Broadway, and there was a brightly-painted moped and three guys in parkas declaring themselves the Mentos Freshness Patrol. One of them greeted me enthusiastically, reached into a messenger bag overflowing with tubes of mint Mentos, and wished me the very best of days. Now Fresh And Full Of Life, I determined to meet the rest of the day with a smile.

You know that saying about how a smile is the best umbrella? Total crapola. But I did get inspired to think about how I could make other things around me a little Fresher, and Fleen is at the top of the list. Things have gotten a little stale around here; although we’ve done some of our best pieces recently (I’m especially proud of the Webcomics School writeups), the day-to-day has gotten a bit boring. Realistically, that’s going to happen from time to time; when life hands you a dead computer, sick parents, a move to another country, or re-enrollment in college for the first time since grad school (all of which have happened in the last few weeks here at Fleen Central), time becomes precious.

And when time gets tight, you reach for what’s familiar, stop looking as far afield for new strips, put things off in favor of breaking news because you don’t have time to do two pieces today. Case in point, I’ve been meaning to write up a reivew of Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings for weeks now, but other things keep popping up. If you’ve written in to our contact address, chances are your announcement has been bumped until it’s so outdated that it’s not worth mentioning. I’m sorry for that.

So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m going to do better. I’m going to try to pick up at least two new webcomics a month, and I’m going to try to put up a newsbox at least once a week, so send in those announcements and press releases (I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do a deep read on everything that comes in, but I’ll try to do at least a once-over). And we’re starting now. Thanks for your patience, and please continue to let us know how we’re doing; any of us can be reached at firstname @ name-of-this-here-site.

Item! Tim Demeter reports that Graphic Smash’s New Fall Season (boy, Eric Burns has a real gift for neologism, doesn’t he?) starts today, with seven new series (including Brat-Halla, via MoviePoopShoot, and Quicken Forbidden) starting in the coming days.

Item! Lea Hernandez and her family continue to rebuild their lives, but the need is still great. If you’ve ever read a comic or webcomic, see if you can’t drop a little something in the bucket. PayPal buttons here, here, here, or just about anywhere you find webcomics.

Item! Gary Chaloner has a podcast interview with Bob Andelman, author of Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, about JOHN LAW, webcomics and other Eisner-related subjects.

Item! Jennie Breeden has finished the images for her Devil’s Panties playing cards, and is waiting for the printer to have a time frame to do the job. Looks like the coolest merch of the season.

Item! Trade Loeffler has started a new comic called Zip and Li’l Bit that features some really nice art; reminds me of Jimmy Gownley’s Amelia Rules. Just 16 strips so far, but I’m digging this one.

Item! Ben Stirling has finalized the design for his webcomic, Patrick Grey; it’s been up and running since January, and seems to have settled into its groove.

Item! Mini-review of ELOTMSK — the strips don’t always date well, Krahulik’s art is just getting into its groove, and some lengthy exceprts from Holkins’ newsposts are provided. I enjoyed re-reading about Fucking Rats and Horse Chestnuts; hopefully when the next volume comes along, the saga of Carrot Cake Soup will also be reproduced in full. Read if you’re a fan, you probably won’t get the appeal if you aren’t.

And Item! Noted futurist Lore was interviewed on TV (well, basic cable) about how George Lucas hates you. While the G4 guy is no Hank Paternoster, El Sjobergo was both trenchant and witty. And if we could make Lore’s goatee the new webcomics facial-hair meme of choice instead of my moustache, I’d be grateful.

wait wait wait…I never said I would “try” or “put forth effort”…damn Gary, why you got to bust my balls?

I guess I’ll have to bring the Sexy back hardcore.


I started reading Fleen last spring and fell in love with the writing. But after some months, it got old hearing about the same ten comic strips over and over regardless of how good those comics were or how well Fleen’s crew wrote about them. I sincerely look forward to reading what’s on the cutting edge once again, and hearing opinions on new (or overlooked) comics and artists.

Insert funny conclusion here.


Tried to send you email, got a bounceback that forwarding failed. Email me directly if you want the error details.

Good luck with the reboot. I’m looking forward to it.

Das Frischmacher?

I just hit send. Ah the glories of Comcast.

But I don’t have a funny-and-yet-homoerotic graphic that involves Lore’s goatee.

I swore you were gonna post about this:

New Mentos commercial, using scenes from Bloodsport

[…] Alex, it’s most definitely the sort of thing we do, at least since we rededicated ourselves to it last week. We’re a bit late running your release, but that just means that people will have more strips to enjoy when they click over. The story starts in the depths of WWII, and the art reminds me of Wang Xuanming (which, as far as I’m concerned, is a very good thing). Alex has had a few delays, but will be kicking the strip back into production this week, which can only mean more monkeys. If you can’t get enough of space, monkeys, space monkeys, or backwards “R”s and “N”s, check out Monkeys In Orbit! […]

[…] those who missed our writeup when it was new last year, or when it joined Lunchbox Funnies earlier this year, Trade Loeffler’s got a really good […]

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