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On The Road With The McClouds

So Scott McCloud and family pulled into Midtown Comics in Times Square last Friday, for the first signing of the year-long Making Comics tour. This is just the start of a long-haul marathon, so be sure to keep your eyes open for when they’ll be coming through your town. For example, McCloud will be travelling within a few miles of Fleen Central in about a month, and it’s hoped that we can get a little interview in.

In the meantime, check out the photos! A continuous line of people waited for the opportunity to buy a book, get an autograph, and thank McCloud for his creative works (look for a review in the coming day or two). McCloud and family were well-nourished with cupcakes, leading to what The Greatest Theoriest of Comics to called The Money Shot. Fleen is offering a small reward to anybody who can identify the goofball tossing ‘the horns’ there behind Winter and Sky.

Local webcomics mafiosi (the print comics folks seemed to all be in Baltimore) in attendance included (left to right) Rich Stevens, Phillip Karlsson, and Chris Hastings. Most ironic moment: an earnest young man was speaking excitedly to McCloud about micropayments in the world of Korean on-line games; McCloud then looked up to see that the next person in line was a demonically-grinning Jon Rosenberg (shown here with the most patient woman in the world). The moment was tense, but then they all laughed like at the end of an episode of Super Friends.

Also, because I love you people so, please enjoy this podcast of the interview Scott did on launch day with Leonard Lopate of WNYC in New York. A little on the short side, but it’ll tide us over until Sky can get her computer fixed and mix up some Winterviews.

Speaking of Sky, you may have heard that she’s looking to get signatures from as many artists whose work is excerpted in Making Comics as possible. At the end of the tour, she’s donating the book to the CBLDF for auction, so if you’re an artist who might be in the book (and there’s about 50 webcomics artists represented on page 200 alone!), be sure to offer to sign. And if you’re not one of those artists, go to the signings anyway — you won’t find a smarter, more humble, gracious guy in comics than Scott McCloud, and you can tell him I said so.

For all those “not in the know” out there, the gentleman in the first photo (of the lineup) with the moustache is not Gary.

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