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Hey, where are you gonna be in, oh, eight hours or so? If you’re anywhere near New York City, and you don’t feel like dealing with the vast crowds of contrived hipsters, smelling of too much money and other people’s effort, get over to Midtown Comics Times Square location. From 5:00 to 7:00 this evening, Scott McCloud and family will be holding court, with a signing of Making Comics; I got my copy yesterday and I’ve started my first pass; initial impressions are that it’s brilliant (but be honest, we all suspected that).

McCloud has promised that every signing he does eventually turns into a Q&A session, so no worries if you missed last night’s event at SVA. Come early, stay late, and let the man know that you appreciate his work. Word is you might be able to congratulate Rich Stevens on his syndication deal, too.

Also, contrary to scurrilous lies told elsewhere, cupcakes are delicious.

Making comics, dude.e

Not Reinventing comics. That was the last one.

This is a sure sign that our Gary has been replaced by an evil alternate Gary who has timetravelled from the past, with one goal: to spread his evil seed and begin the final downfall of mankind while increasing awareness of the webcomics community.

Also, “scurrilous.”

D’oh! I’m having the worst time with titles these days. That’s what I get for frantically typing to get the post written before starting work.

Also, “scurrilous.�

DAMMIT! I checked that twice, counting to make sure I had the right number of “R”s. Apparently, I had a heaping bowl full of stupid this morning instead of Cheerios.

I’m pretty sure half of the sequential art department would go there if we weren’t poor art students with no cars.

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