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Not So Much Like Bill and Ted’s Adventure

Ok, so today I just thought I would point out that the second part of “Origin” has begun at Yirmumah. I’m glad it’s continuing on the mother, with an interesting introduction. I always love it when the Grim Reaper of Death is involved. The artwork in the fourth page featuring the mother is disturbing; well at least to me it is. A close up of someone’s face as they beg to the Grim Reaper to let them live is kind of chilling. If you missed the first part of “Origin” there are links to the backlog where you can find the colorful past of the father.

So, are you trying to say that Origins is not bogus?

Or that it’s not an excellent adventure?

I’m confused.

Ted and Bill’s outcome is different.

Shit, you’ve spoiled it. In the end, Drew Price and Bob form a band called the Outrageous Ponies and then they time travel in a mall photo booth together.

I would read that.

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