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Holy Crap

Too much to think about, so just quoting this one verbatim. From the very sexy R Stevens 3:

Starting on January 8, 2007 Diesel Sweeties is going to be running in newspapers through United Feature Syndicate. These syndicated strips will also be showing up on, A.K.A. the best URL ever. Web-only and archived strips will still be here, same as always. We signed the papers a couple weeks ago and I’m still kind of shell-shocked. I’m working hard to finish the sample strips. The newspaper comics are going to be all-new strips with the same characters, seven days a week.

It’s a pretty cool deal: I get to do newspaper comics, while still maintaining my own copyright, website and t-shirts. The best part for me is that there will still continue to be new comics here on the DS site! A big part of how I maintain my “sanity” is by staying up late writing comics and posting them the moment they’re done. Continuing to have that flexibility in addition to working weeks in advance for syndication is really important to me and I’m extremely glad to still have it.

I’m psyched to get to do the one job I really wanted as a kid, while still maintaining my identity as web cartoonist. Throw in a pony and I’ll have burned through all three wishes in one go.

I still get chills every time I think about making Sunday comics. I just finished my first two last week and it was … surreal. They were Sunday comics, but I got to write and draw them. Insane. I honestly never thought I’d ever have a chance to be in papers. You readers should make out pretty well, too. There’ll be more comics to read and hopefully I’ll grow as a writer by working in new formats. Your thoughts are welcome, as always.

We at Fleen will be attempting to get a proper interview with Mr 3 as soon as possible, as we have a bit of interest in the idea of webcomics/syndication ’round these parts.

But judging from the initial announcement, I draw your attention to the key phrase maintaining my own copyright, website and t-shirts. The best part for me is that there will still continue to be new comics here on the DS site. Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the webcomics version of The Golden Temple of the Himalayas right here.

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This is the BEST news I’ve heard since SDCC. This totally tops the WEBCOMIC news for the year for me.

That is one sweet deal and I’m really excited about this.


I got a BOOYAH from one of the true badasses of our medium. I think this was a good decision.

I don’t give them out lightly.

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