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Comings and Goings?

I hope Mitch Clem isn’t messing around when he said on his LiveJournal that he’ll be going pro pretty soon. That man is way too talented to be working in a Starbucks of all God damned places. Anyway, pre-congrats to Mitch from Fleen, but he needs to know that if he goes pro we shall be much harsher on him, since he’s making money and we’re not.

Just kidding, Mitch. We aren’t that bitter and/or haggard yet, are we ladies (and Gary)?

Actually, maybe I am. But only when it comes to Mac Hall. I used to love Mac Hall. Well, I still do, but they just never call anymore. It was almost a month between the last two comics and I’m starting to loose hope. Ian has his new job and everything so even if it keeps going, it won’t be a college comic anymore anyway. Maybe it’s time to wrap it up and work on something else? It would be a shame to see Ian and Matt drop off the scene altogether, but what do we think;

Is Mac Hall dead?

Pretty much.

I loved NN2S but SARC is better. There, I said it, and I weigh like 280lbs, what can you do about it emo boy?

Yeah, I think that SARC is probably more accessible than NN2S, but they both provide different vehicles for Clem to talk about subjects he cares about.

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