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Seriously, You Need To Be Here

Midtown Comics is the one place I’ve ever bought my funnybooks on a regular basis that hasn’t gone out of business, lost a lease, or carried such an embarrassingly-narrow range that I couldn’t get what I wanted. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and their frequent-purchaser plan just saved me $20 on Lost Girls. Bonus: they’re about two blocks from the office where I usually work.

Ultra-mega-super bonus: in one week, they will be hosting Scott McCloud for one of the first events of the year-long Making Comics 50 States Tour.

Here’s where I might embarrass McCloud a bit — he told me he’s a little concerned that the first signing of the tour might get overlooked. He mentioned the scene from Spinal Tap with a slight shudder of dread. I assured him that New York has at least a couple of people that like comics.

Now Midtown’s a big store, and I don’t want to look like a liar here; if you live within commute distance of Manhattan, come on down on the 8th. We want that room packed with people buying books, and to set the tone for one hell of a tour. If you don’t live near NYC, well, there’s lots of other cities where the metaphorical bus will be pulling in, so expect to read more stories of McCloud clan adventures on their extended trek.

See you Friday between 5:00 and 7:00 pm; I’ll bring cupcakes. Seriously, I will.

Man, you make those of us living on the West Coast feel like we’re out of the party or something.

Oh, we’ll be hitting the West Coast in style too, I promise.

Thanks for the plug, Gary! I’ll still have nightmares of the scene from Spinal Tap, but now there will be cupcakes too. Mmmmm… cupcakes…

About to check out in Omaha. We’re halfway there!

I was there when I visited NYC about 3 years ago! Awesome place.

I will be there for cupcakes and comic making knowledge.

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