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So That’s How All This Happened

Cartridge Comics has finally revealed the origin of Emo Spider. I wouldn’t be surprised if the spider that bit him had a Hot Topic frequent-buyer card. Everything about this comic is emo, from the clothing to the store where he works. I’m pretty sure Dashboard Confessional is thrown in there somewhere too, for that authentic emo feel. I wonder if Emo Spider has an actual MySpace account? If not the lovely creators at Cartridge should look into that, since MySpace owns the internet’s soul these days.

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BTW, I scoured Comicon for these guys for a Emo Spider shirt, couldn’t find them *sniffs*

Thanks for the post on the comic, Emo-Spider is a favorite of mine to write. I’ve wanted to make an Emo-Spider myspace for awhile and your article was what pushed the boulder off the edge.
Oh and as for Antdevamp’s comment, sadly we weren’t and this years Comic con, we would like to go next year if possible. Our Emo-Spider shirt is avalible at our store.

Nuttin’ but love for CC.

But please, more 80’s references.

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