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Plot Please

For anyone who’s keeping score (probably just me…) Rob and Elliot has failed to deliver a plot related strip since the seventh of August, or the fourth of August if you don’t put much faith in a strip labelled “The comic we would have done if only we had the balls.”

I love the random gags, I do, but I don’t like a comic that dangles a little plot infront of me and then sort of ignores it for almost a month. That’s just mean.

i think the idea is that they just went out and bought a new one, but they wanted to acknowledge that that’s a cop-out. hence the whole “if we only had the balls” thing. they prolly just hit a major writer’s block.

I thought the ending was great, and not a cop-out at all. I know those guys, they knew exactly what they were doing. Look closer at Rob and Elliot: The strip itself, even when containing just random gags, has a hell of a lot of brains and self-awareness behind it. You see a story shorter than it should have been dramatically, I see a deconstruction of the entire concept of animatronic household appliances that is all over webcomics. But that’s me, and I love that comic to death. DEATH.

Yeah, I’m not quite sure what the concern is. They wrapped up that specific plotline, then moved back to their usual practice of random humor – which is practically the basis of the comic.

Sure, the plot is nice when it happens, but if the lack is driving you crazy, then maybe it’s not for you.

I don’t mean to be down on RaE at all. Like I said, I love the random gag strips, but I also quite like the plots too. Essentially, I just want to have my cake and eat it.
Also, I thought that saying “The comic we would have done if only we had the balls.” implied that there was some other ending to the iMonkey storyline that we just hadn’t seen yet, but I hope there isn’t. I think the ballsy ending works great.

I think the proper ending was basically the strip before it – iMonkey in bed, recovering, with Rob apologizing for his behavior.

The random gags are our bread and butter. We get like 5 somethings per gag. Storylines only net us 3 notmuches. A man’s gotta eat. In any case, that story ended with the iMonkey in the hospital recovering. That “we don’t have the balls” one was just a what if type situation.

I really think we should all just be happy that there exists at least one “WACKY ROOMMATES” comic where said roommates are actually wacky in a hilarious fashion, and consistantly so.

I guess I was just confused about the end of the storyline, making me… an idiot. Apologies.

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