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So I was reading the news the other day when I came across this little gem:

WASHINGTON (AP)–The U.S. State Department says it was surprised by Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah’s statement that he would not have ordered the abduction of two Israeli soldiers if he had known it would lead to a large war.

“It was a surprising statement for somebody who launched a war to say that he regretted launching that war,” Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

We’ll just let the irony of that quote sink in for a moment and allow you to wonder, as I did, if I had accidentally called up The Onion. I hadn’t, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Curiously, as regular newspapers become ever less real, the premier fake newspaper has become more like a real newspaper: The Onion‘s print edition has added a comics page! Like much of the rest of the paper, it’s intentionally wretchedly bad with pure genius mixed in.

Witness: there’s ham-fisted editorial cartoons (courtesy of The Onion Syndicate) and bad syndicated strips (courtesy of King Features), right next to Wondermark by David Malki !. This may be more significant than Malki !’s recent addition to the Modern Tales lineup, since even a niche offering like The Onion has the potential to reach people who would never otherwise come across webcomics.

Alas, Wondermark remains merely the second-best strip on the print edition’s comic page. As is true in so many aspects of life, nothing touches the sheer genius of Cathy en Español.

Second-best strip, next to Cathy En Espanol?

Has RedMeat left the Onion since I stopped living in the Land of Cheap Beer and Free Onions?

Since revamping the print edition, Red Meat has only appeared once (although it is found on the website each week).

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