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Following Up

Following up on the news about the Penny Arcade game, (can you tell I’m excited?) there is an interview with Joel DeYoung  of Hothead Games over on Firing Squad that answers a few preliminary questions, these answers being mostly “it’s too early to say” or “ask those Penny Arcade guys”. Two of the more interesting nougats:

FiringSquad: Will the game be a satrical look at the games industry or will it take a different direction?

Joel DeYoung: I think it’s fair to say that the game will deliver the kind of content that people have come to expect from the Penny Arcade strip. We’re definitely making this game to please the Penny Arcade fan.


FiringSquad: On the surface, it sounds like the game will be influenced by the classic LucasArts comical adventure games. Is that a fair assumption?

Joel DeYoung: At this time we’re not discussing any details of the gameplay.

Personally, I still have my fingers crossed for a LucasArts style adventure, but apperently we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll talk about something else tomorrow, I promise.

2-D or 3-D!

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