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Back From Hiatus

Graphic Smash emerged from its hibernation last night, and just in time, too — Tuesday is Digger day. The new layout is pretty similar to that over at Modern Tales, with the main differences being color scheme, and the fact that Tim Demeter‘s postings appear next to the “updating today” panel.

I think it’s a nice compromise — over at MT, the narrow column where blog entries are displayed makes for a very tall block of text to navigate, but this layout allows for easier-reading text as well as displaying all the day’s updates at a glance. Joey Manley says that GS will be using a new design in the coming days, but I kind of like it as it is. Manley, by the way, is also looking for feedback on whether or not the current MT layout is preferred by readers, so be sure to let him know.

In the meantime, it appears that Demeter has the reins of GS firmly in hand, and we at Fleen look forward to the inevitable announcement that he’s adding a dozen or so new strips. If this growth and renewal pattern continues, Manley’s empire may just dislodge Ryan North as the Nexus Of All Webcomics Reality.

Nah. And speaking of hiatus, colleges around the world are getting back in swing, so look for some of our writers to be a bit spare in their contributions until they’ve gotten over the epic return-to-campus drunkenings back into the swing of academia.

Thanks for the feedback Gary, and your wish of new comics will be granted soon enough! (I’ll make some noise when it does.) Also: please don’t provoke the towering spire of humanity that is Ryan North, lest we find out that Dinosaur Comics is actually an allegory in which T-Rex=Ryan and the log cabin=ALL WE HOLD DEAR.

If they can’t post drunk, they don’t deserve to be Fleen writers.

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