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Is It Just Me?

I have a question, why does it seem like the web comic community doesn’t want to embrace Toothpaste For Dinner? It might just be me, but the lack of acknowledgement of this comic is surprising. Maybe some people don’t consider it a web comic, or maybe others just don’t like it.

I enjoy the comic, and is actually one of the first comics that got me interested into web comics in general. That is why I’m surprised that it is not mentioned more often, or referred to as a web comic by numerous artists.

I could be totally off-base with this idea, but I was just wondering if anyone else noticed that besides me? Or if you think I’m incorrect, tell me why it is not mentioned or spoken of more often?

I think a lot of people link to this comic, actually. He has really good reach beyond webcomics. Most of my friends do not read any online at all, but then I see one wearing the “Ground is made of lava” shirt…

Also, the collaboration with his wife “Married to the Sea” also gets a lot of publicity.

I’d say he’s doing quite well for himself.

It’s HUGE in “comics with lowercase names” circles.

Plus, I heard it was mentioned in slate or something.

It is to yawn.

Is there a really funny particular comic day from this strip you want to cite?

Personally, I don’t think it’s that good at all. Not only are the drawings terrible, the humour is not good enough to make up for it. Normally, I’m not biased against bad drawings, but you’ve got to have SOMETHING to draw your readers in.

I guess Toothpaste has more readers than my comic, but I fail to see what attracts them there.

i’ve enjoyed this comic for years. it is often laugh-out-loud funny, and i like the minimalist artwork.

It does seem to be set apart from other webcomics, probably because while some are trying to emulate newspaper strips and others are emulating comic books (and some try so damn hard NOT to look like anything else), ‘toothpaste’ just LOOKS like it was clipped out of the New Yorker (and you can take that in a positive or negative way).

the humour is not good enough to make up for it.

Well, that’s your opinion.

Your opinion is horribly wrong, by the way.

Now, now. Play nicely.

Single panel cartoons are not comics. Ask Scott McCloud.

Drew makes some very funny cartoon drawings, though.

In response to your inital question (is it just me?), the answer is yes, I think it is just you. A very popular strip indeed, whether or not you actually like it. I thought it was a really strange post for Fleen…

>>Well, that’s your opinion.

Man, I’m glad somebody cleared that up.

I’m not really sure what this article is about. Toothpaste for Dinner is a very popular webcomic, and it seems to be growing. I think your perception that the community hasn’t embraced it is ludicrous. By that standard, just about every comic short of Penny Arcade (for those unaware of this comic, please see… oh… every third Fleen article).

In my opinion, it’s currently the only single panel comic I would name that’s worth reading on a regular basis, with the lone exception of Glen Baxter and sometimes Dan Piraro.

Sure there are the occasional bafflings strips, or inside jokes, but he probably has me laughing out loud at least 1/5 times, which is more than I can say for just about every other gag daily. If you think Toothpaste for Dinner isn’t funny, you probably have read fewer than 10 strips.

Just realized I put Toothpaste for Dinner as my own URL. Watch the confusion ensue!

For the record, I think I wrote: “Personally, I don’t think”.

In other words: “MY PERSONAL OPINION IS”

In other words: “THAT’S WHAT I THINK”

In other words, Nic, I don’t think I have to justify it.

And if you, Nic, think it’s wrong, then I’m so so sorry. We’re all allowed to love certain comics and hate others. And “Toothpaste for Dinner” ain’t a flavour I’m savouring.

Man, whatever, ‘Animals Have Problems Too’ is *ruling.*

LucasTDS, you don’t have to justify it even if you don’t begin with, “My personal opinion is.”

When what you write is “it’s not funny,” or “she’s pretty” or “this smells weird,” it’s understood that it’s your opinion.

Thank you, Bup.

Feisty, ain’t he.

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