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Some Of That Internet Lovin’ Needed Here

Paul Taylor at Wapsi Square has welcomed a son into the world. Due to health concerns, explained here, he was born early.

He’s worried that his readers might not understand some spotty updates. If you’re a member of his forums, congratulate him and let him know it’ll be all right. If you’re a fan, leave him a note here. He’ll probably get it.

As from me: Don’t worry, Paul. I’m more than willing to wait a bit for your story.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, is… is that a Yamaji Ebine manga?

[…] Random: Wapsi Square has gotten pretty darn dynamic in its staging; Paul Taylor’s had some significant challenges in his personal life over the past year (hopefully improving), which may account for the simpler layouts that’ve been seen for a while now. Coincidentally, Girly creator Josh Lesnick trepidatiously took Taylor to task not long ago over the (in his view) unnecessarily-static turn the art had taken, so perhaps the feedback and art changes are related? In related news, apparently I’m a moron who dishes out blinding praise to Taylor, which is apparently unwarranted and unhelpful. I just report ‘em, folks. […]

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