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A Little Something Before The Big Announcement

Big things in store for Penny Arcade, apparently; we should know more after the reveal this weekend at PAX. In the meantime, Jerry Holkins wasn’t kidding when he said:

You may be wondering what happened to the lever that regulates the amount of fan-service that flows into a given strip. This lever has been tugged free of the housing. You can only pull it in the open air now, and it does nothing to staunch the flow. Before this thing is over, you motherfuckers will need scuba gear.

Boy, he’s not kidding. The fan service couldn’t be any more thick if there were tentacles. In just one strip today, you’ve got Frank, Charles, Anne, Jim, the Tycho Zombie, and a Cinnabon; if not for the fact that the CTS and Twisp & Catsby occupy their own realities, you’d see them in there too.

This is pandering distilled to its finest essence, and I mean that in a complementary way; after the promised epilogue, look for PA to revert to Gabe being raped by hobos.

The big news is a Penny Arcade video game! Kotaku has posted the news today, spoiling it for everyone.

Wow, and it’s an adventure game, no less! Perhaps this will help breathe some life back into my favourite videogame genre.

But where are the radioactive scorpions?

Sam, Kotaku didn’t spoil it for everyone.

I didn’t know until you just told me right here.

So you spoiled it for me.

You spoiler!

You know you liked it.

Don’t forget the Merch!

The Merch is in there, too, by way of Anne!

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