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Aaaannnnd Cue The Bwow-Chicka-Wow Music … Now!

Today is the the day that The Boy becomes The Man. Everybody feel good for Esther, having realized her dream of three years. Everybody feel bad for Erin, who will not have her loads of brainy, ginger babies. And everybody be nice to the next Cocker Spaniel you see, because the poor stupid dears deserve our pity.

You’re overly optimistic as usual, Gary. Indeed, one might say … premature.

(Notice how I placed the punchline keyword after an ellipsis, thus maximizing the comic effect. I should write webcomics!)

While I agree that sex isn’t funny, but sexual frustration is hilarious, and that John Allison does his best to deliver funny to us at regular intervals, I also believe that The Boy will overcome his pants problems, even with a negative IQ.

Who said sex or Allison aren’t funny? Both are. (Sexual frustration is merely amusing.) I just think you make too many assumptions about what will happen next. This is SGR; The Boy and Esther are just as likely to be attacked by the ghosts of Mudiad Adfer as succeed in doing the deed.

With regard to what folks are saying in that other blog, hemmoraging IQ points is, of course, a familiar SGR trope.

Bah! Wrong link. Let’s try again: trope.

Actually, the really amusing part of teenaged first love is watching them handle the aftermath so horribly.

And I hope that John A is going to have a lot of fun with that… including the occasional appearance of the ghost of William Katt to give The Man-Boy bad advice.

And I know you know a lot about aftermath, Mr. Kinyon.

Aftermath it’s time for beer.

I thought that was duringmath?


Who said it wasn’t?

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