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Call Any Vegetable

Dear God in heaven, I thought that the Spongmonkeys were the most disturbing thing I’d ever see on the internets.

Then Jondeliberate shitterRosenberg introduced an insane broccoli-man in Goats today. As it turns out, Brock (for that is the name of the aforementioned IB-M) is actually the creation of a one Mister R Stevens III, Esq., who is usually less batshit insane in his creations.

Persons of a weak constitution are urged not to click on the above links, and to avoid all future contact with broccoli, just to be safe.

You’re the editor of Fleen, and you don’t have to see any more anthropomorphic broccoli?

How the hell is a talking broccoli barista even CLOSE to insane? Try living my life for a week!

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