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There’s Another One Wrapped Up

‘Bout six months back or so, we told you about Owen Dunne’s retooling of You Damn Kid to contain four separate projects: the aforementioned (and optioned) YDK, backup strip The Beevnicks, secondary backup strip Nippleshine Manor, and emergency redundant tertiary backup strip My New Mommy.

Nippleshine wrapped a few months later, and after a bit of a delay, the epilogue of My New Mommy went live ‘tother day. Much like the earlier Nippleshine, Mommy made a pretty sudden exit, story-wise, and — given the generally raucous approach that Dunne brings to his strips — both ended on an oddly melancholy note. We at Fleen hope that Dunne is well, and if he’s looking a little blue, somebody please give him a hug.

Damn you, Tyrrell — The Beenvicks is just adding more fuel to the fire that’s driving my low productivity day. Them embers are gonna smolder straight to quitting time.

Know what kind of wood that is?

I thought it was rather upbeat. Except for all the death and jail and cancer.

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