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Aren’t We Lucky?

Yes. Yes we are. Jeffery has been good enough to expose to us the secret never before seen ending to Snakes On A Plane! Personally, I never saw it coming – but then again, I haven’t seen the movie yet so for all I know Jeffery has drawn the true ending and completely ruined the film for me. If this is the case, I hope Jeph and Christi continue to abuse everyone he knows and loves.

Oh good, now I don’t have to see it.

In view of Mr. Brazelton’s recently posted opinions on SoaP (or rather, NewLine’s timing of SoaP’s release), I look forward to a fake Internet fight between the casts of Overcompensating and Theater Hopper.

Oh, and is it a rule now that every Fleen post that mentions Mr. Rowland has to misspell his first name?

I’m European, I’m allowed to spell things funny.

I guess eurocentrism is better than eurodollarism.

I will teach Rowland the (fake) meaning of pain!

I will teach Rowland the (fake) meaning of pain!

Awesome! I look forward to the slapfight between Cami and Baby. Or maybe between Jared and Weedmaster P. No, wait, definitely Cami and Baby.

I am quite certain Jeffrey has absolutely no idea who I am…

Then you’ll take him by surprise with your ninjaesque webcomic skills.

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