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A Few Things…

I apologize readers, for such infrequent updates. But between my computer crashing and temperamental internet connections, the battle of updating has been a trying one. But here I am ready to update with webcomics a’plenty.

The recent debacle between DJ Coffman of Yirmumah and Girl-O-Matic has all but quieted down with this interesting comic posted at DJ’s site. Tell us how you really feel, DJ.

I honestly don’t give two shits about this little internet spat, but I do find it interesting on the high-school level of gossip and backstabbing chats in cafeterias. It’s fun for me, and certainly entertaining for all the readers of their respective web comics. The saying goes that there is no bad publicity, and in this case I’m sure it holds true.

There has been a run of guest comics over at Overcompensating, since Jeff is off rubbing elbows and other things with the Hollywood types. The one I enjoyed most was Jeph Jaques cameo at OC, which involved WeedMaster P. actually working.

There isn’t too much to say for today, except this is one of the funniest strips I’ve read in quite a while.

Girl-O-Matic? What is Girl-O-Matic?

I think the site you mean is the one I founded and edited for two years, and is now edited by Lisa Jonte. THAT site is Note the lack of hyphens or the letter “O.”

Oooooooh, SNAP!!

Whoa– Be Careful Allison, they’ll attack you next!

I have to say, it was refreshing to joke around with Joey Manley today though.


I don’t get it, was your apology serious or not?

For the last time, YES, every word of it. I said I was sorry to anyone who took anything I said to heart. Especially the name calling.

I don’t expect anyone to apologize to ME though, but fuck em.

I was asking because the tone of the afore-linked comic and some of your other recent comments seem (or at least could seem) to undermine the sentiment of the apology.

I agree. It’s tantamount to apologizing in person, but laughing with your friends about how some dumbass got in an argument over nothing with you. Except, you know, out there where everyone can see it.

I think we should all just be glad that Eric “I Aggro Drama” Burns hasn’t written about all of this broohhaha on Websnark and just move on with our lives.

It’s been interesting to watch it all unfold, but I think it’s run its course. It’s time for something new.

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