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I Wonder What Hamster Rims Would Look Like?

Sometimes I feel like this at my job. That is why I’m quitting. I just got this other most-likely-going-to-kill-my-soul job, but at least it pays more. Way more. I’m going to be wearing my bling on my teeth and puttin’ rims on my hamster.

Also, I’ve been playing way too much Guitar Hero…wait that’s impossible. You can never play enough Guitar Hero. I bring this up only because today’s Patches strip reminded me of the kick-ass game. Speaking of games, the new series of comics over at Penny Arcade is about one of my favorite fantasies: slaying zombies in a mall. I would make a mad dash to the knife store, and pick me up a Hanzo remake from Kill Bill. But it looks like in Tycho and Gabe’s case their only weapons are N-Gages. That’s horrifying, not because it makes for a shitty weapon, but because it’s a fucking N-Gage.

Anyways, has anyone seen those amazing Red Robot aprons over at Diesel Sweeties? I’m ordering one this week, since cooking and Red Robots are two of my favorite things. Go check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s worth the while.

One more thing, does anyone know what’s so special about this? Seriously I see these commercials during Saturday morning cartoons, and it baffles me. Please someone, tell me the appeal of this product.

Aquapod? Why it’s bottled water…TO THE EXTREEEEEEEEMEEEE!

::cue wicked guitar riff::

Man, all they need to do is get Poochy as their mascot and they would succeed in returing us to the 90’s. Oy vey :P

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