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I Think I Have To Add Randall To The Blogroll

This page has previously written about Randall Munroe’s xkcd, a strip that knows the truth about computational linguistics (and the filthy reprobates who compute linguistically). Munroe, a robot-wrangler for NASA Langley Research Center, is clearly a very smart guy (although I can tell you from personal expericence that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, to be a rocket scientist), and this week he’s turning his amazing percept-o-tron powers on webcomics.

Munroe has distilled some webcomics down to their essential oils, and it in doing so produced some brilliantly funny parodies. Check out his semi-loving tribute to Achewood, which features personalities and dialogue stretched to within 0.0004% of the Theoretical Onstad Limit; right down to the mouse-over text, it’s simply perfect. Today it’s Megatokyo in Munroe’s sights, with an emphasis on Fred Gallagher’s public persona (and perhaps a minor tribute to the stick-figure mafioso Dom). There’s a fine line between tender affection and savage kicking, and this strip straddles it neatly.

Not sure what other strips will get the xkcd treatment for the rest of the week (Do SGR!), but I have a feeling it’s going to be a real treat regardless. And be sure to tell your grandkids about this week, because I think it’s going to be remembered as when Randall Munroe hit the Webcomics Big Leagues.

xkcd is indeed a wondrous comic. My personal favorite (today, at least) is this gem.

I hope Munroe is being courted by the collectives. Any one of them would benefit from his comic’s presence in the lineup.

Oh, and don’t forget to go help Munroe decide what the Very Best Date is.

I think he should use that system to find the VERY BEST COMIC ON THE INTERNET.

Here’s how it would work:
1) Each comic creator would send him their very favourite comic.
2) The comics would then square off against one another like the choices on his date page do.
3) the output would be a list of the best comics on the internet.

And today , Munroe absolutely nailed A Softer World.

I concur. And given his list of favorite comics (which might mesh well with his artistic style), I think Munroe might tackle Dinosaur Comics or The PBF for the week’s wrap-up. Either would be awesome.

I think Munroe might tackle Dinosaur Comics

Yep. Score for you, Gary.

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