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Just Something To Look At

Well I’m back from my drunk-o-thon. All I remember is fish, loud music, and lots-o-margaritas. Hells ya. Not much to post about today, just a few things that might interest you though. Patches has joined DayFree Press, so hats of to Kelly V. Jeffrey Rowland is about to finish touching up his new Joanna doll, which I’m sure has caused many webcomic fans to shat themselves in anticipation. Also, click here for dinosaur humor and here for lab animal fun.
Time to chug Gatorade and chew some aspirin.

Three in a row with a consistently misspelled first name! I win teh Fleemxor5!

Since when did you have a first name, Mr. Roeland?

Good of you to mention the loverly Able and Baker. Good of you.

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