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I think I should start a little conversation with you webcomic fans. Ever since Jefferey Rowland was on the panel for Mother-Fing Snakes on a Mother-Fing Plane, I haven’t been able to stop wondering on where the future of webcomics is heading. I mean, to Hollywood, Jefferey is just some guy who makes funny cartoons on the interweb. What was their process on saying “hey, he should speak on behalf of our new movie?” This boggles my mind, but that isn’t difficult. I am just amazed at how an artist that we, as webcomic fans, all know and love ended up in a glitzy hub-bub movie panel discussion.

I’m not saying this is bad, this is phenomenal for the webcomic industry. I am damn proud of Jefferey for blazing the trail for future webcomic artists wanting to expand their business and art to the Hollywood level. It just makes me curious on where webcomics is heading as an industry. If the art form starts getting that kind of press on a regular basis, well we’d be unstoppable. And isn’t that everyone’s goal in life?

I’ve heard alot of mixed responce concerning Snakes on a Plane so i’m wondering if it will do well at the box office or not.

Nevertheless, webcomics and their supporters were a strong force behind SoaP’s existence.

They’re also sending me to the premiere in Hollywood and the afterparty and I will be on the DVD bonus features. YIKES.

I think it’s great that people can get snakes on a plane with no problem, but I can’t bring a hip flask full of cambodian breast milk on board.

Everyone knows tha cambodian breast milk is the deadliest substance known to man.

It’s a travesty that the wikipedia article on SoaP has no mention of Jeffrey.

Think of this from a business perspective. Money is spent — lots — on advertisements for films, and viral advertising on the web is increasingly successful. Jeff, capitalizing on a good joke, set himself up (probably not intentionally) to be a plague bearer of viral advertising for SoaP. I don’t know the size of the response but I assume it was no small affair, by webcomic standards.
The movie folks could drop basically pennies from their budget to capitalize on what they would have spent a lot more money, time, and brainpower to buy — Jeffrey’s endorsement in the heart of a market that thrives on word-of-mouth (or keyboard). Besides, both the Samuel L. Jackson prank phone bank and the SoaP booth/panel at SDCC took quite a long time to plan, design, and build — months? Years? Remember the scope of time it takes to produce a film and how much is riding on opening weekend. It’s worth it to a movie maker to do the math and plan out ALL the media build-up to a release.
Slotting Jeff on the already planned panel and picking up his tab to fly him to Hollywood was smart, but I doubt it was pivotal and it definitely wasn’t expensive by their standards. In my eyes, his being a webcomic artist is completely coincidental.

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