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What Is The Cast of QC Thinking?

At Questionable Content Jeph Jacques is working on Secret Things, but he should know that if you want something to be secret you don’t post it in your LiveJournal.

One of the Secret Things is a cast poster. The picture has excellent movement — your eye is drawn to study every one of the cast members, starting with Raven making moves on Sven to Jimbo horrifying Pizza Girl. The character are spaced perhaps too regularly, but over all the poster does a good job of putting everyone in one place, hanging out and interacting. It’s like having a Giant Panel of QC to hang on your wall.

I want to hold caption contests.

The LJ says that it’ll probably be put up for preorders Friday and the first printing will probably be 8/21. Look for it. It’s good wall bling.

Psychiatrist walks into a cafe and says

“I always wanted a new pool”

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