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Speaking Of Mysterious Barristas

Getting back to the Wapsi Square book review (down there somewheres), there’s some new reveals on Tina over at Wapsi Square this week. Note the different text color? Hmmmm. Very hmmmm.

Also, today’s Achewood features a description of a coffee machine that would make people who like that sort of thing go into anacoffylactic shock. Seriously, a fully-articulated syrup nozzle? I don’t even drink coffee, and that’s sounding cool.

what kind of writer doesnt drink coffee? how do you stay up all night when you have writer’s block?

Yo. I have a fully articulated syrup nozzle too. It makes a man-meaty espresso.

That’s not a font change to indicate slightly supernaturality.

That’s a font change to indicate a brief moment of low self-esteem – it’s an aside to herself.

I like Wapsi Square well enough, but it rather bugs me how the writer often equivocates between the metaphorical(ie: personal “demons”, as in bad memories and experiences) and the actual(ie: real demons that can destroy a good sized chunk of the Earth). It just strikes me as kind of cliche.

[…] I was disputed (by a colleague, no less) the last time I speculated that Tina had something to do with the mythic aspects of Wapsi, but I think it’s becoming more and more indisputable. […]

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