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Fleen Book Corner: AHATCP

Phil & Kaja Foglio are back with the fifth Girl Genius collection, Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess; for regular readers of Girl Genius, it’s more of the same: high drama mixed with hard slapstick mixed with steampunk romance in a world “where the Industrial Revolution became an all-out war”. Our Heroine continues her journeys with Master Payne’s Circus of Adventure, trying to keep a step ahead of the dangers loosed upon the world by madboys (or “Sparks”, to be polite). There’s monsters and mutants, random mechanical beasties (or “clanks”, to be polite), and the danger that the world might find out who she really is.

The Folgios move the story along at a rapid clip, revealing more of the political situation of Europe under the Pax Wulfenbach, more of the history of the Jägermonsters, and more of Agatha’s mother (and her parents). There’s going be to hard times ahead for the Girl Genius, trials and tribulations and not much fun for quite a while. But it seems that it will all work out in the end (or was that the beginning?), and in the mean time, it’s a beautifully-drawn, fun read.

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