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Seriously, I Know This Guy

The latest Penny Arcade strip has stumbled onto a rare cultural phenomenon in our society: the Suburban Thug. You know him, usually white with a fake grill and over-sized tees spouting out rap cliches. He has the sideways cap, the cheap bling, and the shoes that seem to never tie. I see them all over my local mall/teenage mating facility with their smirks and crooked saunter. And you know what? Those guys are cool as shit because they can look like complete cock-bags and not care what everyone else thinks. So kudos to you, Suburban Thug, for making the rest of us look just a little better in comparison to you.

F’in Hilarious! Bet PA I’ve read in a few weeks! :)

“Rare”? That comic strip is an accurate representation of at least 95% of the kids at my high school.

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