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Shakeups O’ Plenty

Okay, one shakeup, but this is webcomics, people — we can milk this thing bigtime if we put our minds to it.

Seven months into his announced tenure, Eric Burns has stepped down as the editor of Modern Tales. One month after leaving Modern Tales, Shaenon Garrity has taken up the mantle; details here. Combine this with the shift from T Campbell to Tim Demeter over at Graphic Smash (curiously not yet noted on the GS front page), and I half expect a wholesale editorial shift to sweep the webcomicsphere.

In other news, Fleen readers are stuck with Gary Tyrrell as editor. Deal.

This hasn’t gotten out yet, but Bill Charbonneau – editor of Zoinks! webcomic magazine – has just been replaced by a monkey. News at 11.

Damn, I was going for that job too!

…you mean I have to wait for the next shake up for a new editor? Darn. ;D

T leaked the Graphic Smash thing before I had a chance to work up a big announcement … grrrr! Ah well! Now I know how George Bush feels about that whole wiretapping thing. Um. No I don’t.

I’m still editing Ugly Hill, as well as everything that comes out of my mouth.

The latter is a full-time job.

Moderntales sucks. That is all.

Am I the only one who gets the DragonTales tune stuck in his head (with the appropriate change in the lyrics, of course) whenever he sees a reference to Modern Tales?

Yeah, I thought so.

>>Moderntales sucks

Except for all the good strips on it.

uh… yeah.

Oh– there are good strips on there, no doubt. I just never liked the layouts, it all seemed sort of generic or cookie cutter. Maybe they can fix that.

I think it’s safe to say that there have been good strips on Modern Tales.

This makes no implications about the current state.

Dissing Dan Hernandez or Fred Landridge is just talkin’ crazy.

Who said that? Just because they’re on it, doesn’t mean they suck.

*slapping forehead*
Or even Roger Landridge.

Fred’s the Clown; Roger’s the cartoonist.
Fred’s the Clown; Roger’s the cartoonist.
Fred’s the Clown; Roger’s the cartoonist.
Fred’s the Clown; Roger’s the cartoonist.

It’s worth noting Shaenon’s forgotten more about comic strips than I ever knew.

There are going to be astoundlingly good things that come from this. You wait and see.

I look forward to being astoundled, then. And if the aspects of your life, E.B., that got in the way of the job were health-related, then I wish you all the best in dealing with them.

Some were, I’m sad to report. And thank you.

I have always been astoundling in all the thingadoos I performerate.

[…] Gary Been a coupla weeks now since Shaenon Garrity was announced as the new editor of Modern Tales. She’s been pretty busy in the meantime — today there are eight (Count ‘em, eight! Attached to names like Migdal and Shadoian!) new strip installments up; given that not that long ago, MT would see the new day with Narbonic and maybe one other strip updating, this can only be a great thing. […]

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