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Short Notes On A Monday

Paul Southworth has some projects to get done, so for the next month we get Ugly Hill with bonus DVD commentary!

Samuel L. Jackson has a video interview up at The OC; you can hear what real-life webcomicker Jeff Rowland sounds like!

Reviews on the books that I picked up at SDCC to start soon; I’ve finished first reads of everything except THOW. We all know that book is going to be a lightning rod no matter what gets written here, so I’m reading it very carefully; when the shitstorm is inevitably released, I want to be able to back up what I say.

Speaking of Mr. T, you may not have him to kick around any more. Peep this. Or is it possible that this is culmination of all of Campbell’s plans, and now he can assume his new identity as Tim Demeter? Keep your eyes open and your brain sharp, ’cause this could be a bumpy ride.

Sorry fellas, while I did my time in a toga in college, I assure you, my chest is nowhere near that perky.

And no, I’m not T’s clone, merely his heir apparent.

No pressure, right?

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