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I Thought Don Johnson Was Dead

Today’s Theatre Hopper examines the point of the Miami Vice movie. I think Tom is onto something when he asks why the movie was even made. I mean, who gives two shits about pastel suits, rolled sport-coat sleeves, and cheesy eighties techno? The show was never good to begin with.

How do I know this?

Because my father loved the damn show, so as a child Miami Vice was crammed into my unsuspecting brain. Images of Don Johnson cavorting around in sock-less loafers and spouting cliches still play back in my mind as horrible night terrors.

I’ve been informed that this is nothing like the old show, and in fact has no pastels.

Man, remember when Don Johnson was arrested for smuggling 6 billion dollars over the border in Germany?

That was awesome.

Tubbs is my father. Only I don’t call him Tubbs. I call him ‘Papa’.

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